“Utopian Floes” on board the Amara Zee


The Amaza Zee

In 2008 Anne-Marie O’Sullivan joined the Caravan Stage theatre companies international cast to sail the Aegean Sea and to perform to small communities across Greece. For six months Anne-Marie played the role of Wetax in this spectacular experimental Opera. In this dynamic performance Anne-Marie flew, sang, and performed in three languages in a challenging play about climate change.


One of the exciting parts of this performance was the entrance! Every night I flew up the Ships mast and was place on the scissor lift! An amazing experience to watch the audience from up so high, whilst singing and calling out to the shows opening number…’I lived in a time, of burning sky rage” a song written about a survivor of the atomic bomb“.


The aerial artists were fabulous, and it was a privileged to work with such a talented cast and crew and share this unique once in a life time opportunity.

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