One woman show

Pakistan’s Rafi Peer theatre festival.


A one woman show directed and performed by Anne-Marie O’Sullivan. Performed in an eight ft by eight white dress , this piece through its spectacular scenes celebrated nature and the divine female, using poetry, dance and song. One of the highlight’s of Anne-Marie’s career was when she toured her one woman show in Greece and performed in “Rafi Peer Arts festival” in Pakistan.


Anne-Marie’s comments:

“Performing in a costume of this magnitude proved to be very challenging! It needs allot of very controlled foot movements to move the fabric without tangling it and without slipping over. After hours of experimentation I think I managed to keep the sequences graceful.”

“Creating this piece was a deeply emotional personal journey and was very healing. I wanted to create something about how disconnected we are as human beings to nature and aimed to acknowledge us as being the same as nature and not separate from it.”

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