Αυτά που είδα το φεγγάρι


Αυτά που είδα το φεγγάρι – What the moon saw This was an experimental piece of devised theatre directed by Marlene Kaminsky. Here Anne-Marie O’Sullivan played an Angel that [...]

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The T.V Library

The T.V Library was a self directed internet series. It was created for a European Union funded project to encourage students to study the Sciences as part of a Storytelling teaching model. Anne-Marie [...]

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Filming Fish N Chip’s



  The Cypriot British produced feature film “Fish n Chips” was directed by Elias Demetriou. The film is based the life of Andy, a British born Cypriot struggling to find his cultural ident [...]

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Filming The Guide

The Guide was directed is a feature film directed by Zacharias Mavroeidis. It is a film that addresses sexual orientation and society impact on individual choices. In the comic role of Megan, Anne-Mar [...]

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“Utopian Floes” on board the Amara Zee



In 2008 Anne-Marie O’Sullivan joined the Caravan Stage theatre companies international cast to sail the Aegean Sea and to perform to small communities across Greece. For six months Anne-Marie pl [...]

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One woman show


Pakistan’s Rafi Peer theatre festival.

        A one woman show directed and performed by Anne-Marie O’Sullivan. Performed in an eight ft by eight white dress , this piece through its spectacular scene [...]

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