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A British actress of Irish descent, Anne-Marie O’Sullivan was born in Leamington Spa on 28 February 1981, and grew up in Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick. At the age twelve she began to explore her passion for acting by putting on Shakespeare’s plays. By the age of sixteen she was already involved in a number of Shakespearean plays across the region.

At nineteen she was accepted to study Theatre Acting at Bretton Hall. During those three years she was devoted to the craft of acting. During that time she explored her skills as a young performer and was able to delve deep into both the practice of theatre and the theories that lie behind it. She took part in a variety of plays, from devised projects like “One Act of Consciousness” performed in the Wakefield Powerhouse to site specific performances on the Yorkshire sculpture park to name but a few. There she also trained in Physical Theatre, Devised Theatre, Mask and Mime, Naturalism, Storytelling, One Person Shows and basic stage combat as well as singing and dancing. Part of her specialization as facilitator was with The Creative Arts Team in New York; there she gained valuable training in community theatre. She completed her studies and graduated in 2003 with a B.A Honours.

After graduating she headed off to Italy with Teatrino and toured Italy and Sicily for six months (2004). There she was able to write and act for the company as well as construct new scripts and workshops which were taken on the road by the entire company. She facilitated workshops throughout the country.

Her passion for the Mediterranean culture led her to settle in the city of Athens for the next eight years where she worked in television and film as well as touring internationally with her own work. In 2006 she toured her first one woman show “First Blush of Spring” which was performed in an 8ft by 8ft foot dress of silk. This was performed throughout Greece and in Pakistan’s international Rafi Peer Arts festival.

Pakistan’s Rafi Peer theatre festival.

Pakistan’s Rafi Peer theatre festival.

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The following year she played in “Dracula…dances after Dark”. (2007-2008) in which she enjoyed using her accent skills, playing the Scottish Dancing nurse, Morag McIver. Her first performance in Greek was with The Caravan Stage Theatre Company (2008 tour). In this she lived, performed and sailed the 120ft long theatre ship. She performed and sang in three different languages with the company’s international cast and crew.

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Following the tour she was cast for her first international feature film “The Guide”(2009), whilst also appearing in the popular Greek television series “Polykatikia” in her role as a BBC reporter. Her comic role as Megan drew the attention of Cypriot director Elias Dimitriou, who cast her in the role of the self destructive Emma for his award winning feature film “Fish n Chips”(2010). In this she transformed herself to become part of a Greek Cypriot family, illustrating the notion of displacement that befalls many refugees, and the film was shot along the borders of the still divided and occupied Cyprus. Once again the international crew and cast gave her the chance to explore filming across cultures.

Following this film, she re-showed her one woman show, working this time with a dancer in a local theatre called “Vrysaki” as well as working with an educational children’s theatre in Athens city centre. After this she worked with an experimental group of young artists on an experimental film of theatre called “Hamlet in the Square”, about the riots and hopeless situation for Athenian youths, which was filmed and performed in the symbolically political hot spot of the Polytechnic, a renowned area for student uprising. There she played Loukanikos, a street dog who has become a mascot and icon for Greece’s young (2011-2012).

During 2013 Anne-marie worked for the University of Athens to create educational videos aimed at encouraging students to take up the Sciences. She directed and wrote the scripts for the program as well as narrating fifteen episodes as part of a European Union-funded educational initiative.

After completion of her self directed internet series with Athens University, she returned back to the world of film to play the sinister role of Jasmine a gate keeper of hell in the mind  of the central character in an international film entitled “Darlene” (2013).

“What the Moon saw” was performed in Faust Theatre bar in one of Athens’ underground theatre spaces. In her compelling performance as an Angel she sought to illustrate the hopeless and desperate human traps people put themselves in by trying to lure them into  another world of magic. She was able to enjoy one of her passions; singing in Gaelic, in the experimental piece that delved into the world of dreams and questions of what is real.


After this she embarked on a tour across Athens and Greece, presenting “Sherlock Holmes” and Fairytales with The English Theatre in Athens. Part of this community theatre was about  restoring magic and storytelling in some of the most impoverished areas of Greece (2013-14).

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